Tampiiri Ry is an association rooted at Tampere University. It was created 20 years ago to provide students with organic and local food.

As a member of the association (5€/year) you benefit to a direct access to fresh, local and organic food produced by certified farmers. We also organize a yearly seedlings sale as well as a few events.

Through Tampiiri’s website, you can order local food (Pirkanmaa region) and to buy in bulk, you’ll have to order through our partner’s website, Tietävänen.

Being a member of Tampiiri allows you get interesting discounts, such as a free of charge delivery of your Tietävänen’s order.

Tampiiri ry operate at Tampere University (Kalevantie 4, Tampere). You pick your pre-orders there monthly. Our volunteers are preparing your orders and are welcoming you on a specific day between 15:00 and 17:00.

Tampiiri Ry is a non-profit association based on volunteering.

A new board has been elected in December 2019 to improve our service to you. Paula Laine, Maija Mitrunen, Dora Tkalec and Eva Wissenz are passionate about organic and local food and they are happy to share with you, should you have any question. Don’t hesistate to contact us: listserv@uta.fi

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