Tampiiri ry is an association rooted at Tampere University. It was created 20 years ago and existed first under the name of Tamyn luomuruokapiiri.

The purpose of Tampiiri is to nurture and promote awareness and availability of organic and local food. It is also intended to draw attention to the origin of the food and to promote its traceability. Students are the primary target group of the association but we are welcoming anyone interested in local and organic food.

As a member of this association, you benefit to join a community of passionate people concerned by food quality and willing to reinforce local systems. 

For 2020, we mainly focus on our amazing seedlings sale event in May and we’ll organize a few other exciting events with you (Sustainable Valentine, wild herbs workshop, foraging walks, natural cooking, talks with farmers…).

Our website aims to help you find quality food in Tampere and in the Pirkanmaa region so check our Resources section.

If enough people are motivated, we hope to be back soon with organizing delicious food deliveries at the University as we did for many years!! And to make it happen, we need volunteers :-)

Sustainable Valentine with Tampiiri Ry. 3 board members and 12 new members to brainstorm and co-create the future of the association!