Through Tampiiri you can order organic food in bulk from Tietäväinen Foods and pick up your order at Tampere University (Atalpa parking lot) once a month. Use our code piiri-TAMY-uta when creating an account on Tietäväinen’s webstore and no delivery fee is charged (but a 3e packing free is added to each order). More info on the deliveries and ordering periods on our mailing list.

Organic farms in Pirkanmaa:
Kurjen Tila
Ponkiniemen tila (Kyröskoski, cabbage & flour, oats..).
Terissaari (Akaa, organic certified juices)
Pieta and Immo Hyvärinen (Tampere and Sastamala, honey, not certified but produced following the principles of organic honey production)

Metsärinne Garden - "Following the principles of permaculture" (Karkku, 47km from Tampere)

A bag of Haltija and Kurki farms’ biodynamically cultivated vegetables can now be ordered to Bakery Jyvä in Tammela or Nekala, Tampere.

Antti Markkula from Loimaa (100km from Tampere, fava beans/härkäpavut).
Kellaripanimo (Keuruu ecovillage, 125km from Tampere, organic certified kombucha)

Organic food in bulk
Sunspelt Oy (organic certified spelt and quinoa products)
Sysmän luomuherkut (Sysmä, 152km from Tampere, organic certified grain and cooking products)
Tampereen kehitysmaakauppa


Finnish context:
The Finnish Organic Food Association (Pro Luomu).
Read IFOAM website. Their mission is to make Europe more organic! They have shared an interesting presentation of the Finnish context.

Luomuliitto is the Finnish Organic Association. It provides certification for Finnish organic products, their logo has a ladybug on it.
​Other certifications are presented in Finnish on this page.
The Finnish organic logo Aurinkomerkki.
The European green leaf organic logo

We believe eating local and organic is great because it...

1. is environmentally friendly: it does not travel long distances, does not require plastic packaging, or long time refrigeration
2. builds local economy: the money you invest in a local business stays local for a bit longer
3. builds local community: by supporting farmers in making their living, you support each other and can make lifelong connections that go over generations
4. promotes local agro-biodiversity: small local farmers are stewards of nature that are part of natural systems and by organic farming (no inorganic fertilizers, no herbicides, insecticides) they are keeping the land safe and healthy with at the same time promoting agro-biodiversity (animals, small scale polyculture farming..)
5. is safe and reliable: you know who grows your food, you can shake the hand that feeds you, you have your own farmer the same way you have your hairdresser!
6. is more nutritious, fresh and tastes better It is fresh: picked that day or day before, with nutrients still preserved. It’s more nutritious because it has grown in a healthy soil, the plants are more likely to get all the elements that they require from the ground, which means that we will get all of them too, hence, it tastes better.